Vill jahanpur, Post Nigohi, Tilhar Shahjahanpur , 242001

Department of Technical Education U.P.

Welcome To Government Girls Polytechnic, Tilhar SHAHJAHANPUR


Government Girls Polytechnic, Tilhar, Shahjahanpur is a Government Diploma College located in the district of Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh state of India. This polytechnic college is located at Vill. Jahanpur, Tehsil - Tilhar, Post - Nigohi, Shahjahanpur. This is a women's diploma institute.

In the era of economic realization and globalization, the Indian economy is moving ahead rapidly approaching towards the global leading economy. The infra-structural changes and changing competitive Industrial environment in India, is undoubtedly emphasizing the importance of professional and skilled persons in each and every sector of Indian economy. To maintain the higher economy growth and a better integration with word economy it is necessary that the educational system of India provide enough opportunities to the aspirants to equip with Management skill and IT expertise.

Presently Government Girls Polytechnic, Tilhar, Shahjahanpur is offering diploma courses in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, with recognized standards of excellence.


Our institute is one of the oldest institution of UP established in 1984. Providing continuously technical manpower to the nation.

We want to produce such technocrats having all round personality i.e. sound technically, mentally, spiritually so they may prove themselves as an asset to the nation.

Whenever or wherever they be placed they may proved themselves as a source of light in all fields of the society.

Hope this website come in handy to students, staff & parents for better information & communication.

Best Wishes…..
Dr. Santosh Kr Singh

Exploring Engineering Branches

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Mechanical Engineering (Automobile)

Focuses on designing, analyzing, and improving mechanical systems. In the context of automobiles, it involves vehicle design, propulsion systems, and optimizing vehicle performance and safety.

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Computer Science and Engineering

Involves the study of computers and computational systems. It encompasses software development, computer hardware, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and the application of computer technology in various fields.

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Electrical Engineering

Deals with the study and application of electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. It covers areas like power generation, transmission, and the design of electrical systems and devices.

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